Introducing “Under the Microscope”

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Welcome to our inaugural blog post!

We hope to add some interesting thoughts, stories, and share tips over the coming months. More than anything we want to engage you. We would love to hear your suggestions on topics, learn from your insights and ideas, and get feedback.

So, we’ve started a newsletter.  It’s called Under the Microscope. We know you’re probably thinking that you don’t need anything else cluttering up your email. Normally, we’d agree with you. No one likes to wake up to a spam-riddled inbox. You already have dubious websites attempting to get your information and your mother messaging you wondering why you haven’t called. I mean, obviously your mother loves you, and you love her, but why doesn’t she understand that you have business to tend to? 

Anyway, Under the Microscope will not be a bunch of nonsense. This newsletter is a bimonthly roundup that provides tips on improving your academic writing and helps you catch what is going on in research academia all over the world. Not only will you receive the latest news and updates from Big Bang Editing, you will also be the first to be notified of any sales or coupon codes. You will learn things and impress your mom when you finally do her call her back.

How could this possibly be a bad thing? So seriously, sign up. It’s free.

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Introducing “Under the Microscope”

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