Application Material Editing

Most of us will agree that getting into a good university is not easy. There are so many qualified applicants applying each year and so few available spaces that admissions officers have to look for reasons to reject applicants. Did you know that misspelled words and poor grammar are one of top reasons applications are rejected? Too many errors are one of the signs of a careless applicant.

At Big Bang Editing, we edit personal statements (also referred to letters of intent or statements of purpose) and letters of recommendation to help the applicant improve, strengthen, and refine their application package for studies at English speaking institutions. We help make your writing more authentic and check the content for accuracy and flow, giving you a high-quality application package with a competitive edge. 

The native language editors of Big Bang Editing will meticulously polish the grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and writing style of your paper. We will also provide relevant feedback and guidance on the content, structure, logic and other aspects of the application. After editing is completed, a round of interactive polishing and revision will be provided to further improve the quality of your documents

What We Will Cover

Language Editing

Improvements to grammar, consistency, word spelling and use of punctuation.

Word Choice

Improve word choice and reduce non-native English expressions and non-standard expressions to make your application more accurate, high-quality and native-speaker-like.


Analyze the logic of your application materials based on our extensive experience.

Sentence Structure

Modify sentence structure to improve the writing style of the application and ensure good flow of the content.

Interactive Modifications

Within 30 days after your document is edited, you can provide us with one round of feedback regarding the modified content and receive a free round of modification (the words of the additional content must not exceed 20% of that of the original draft).

Feedback on Content

We will propose relevant feedback on the content, structure, and expressions in the application based on our extensive experience with  applying and being on committees during the admissions process.

Service pricing


<500 words


500-100 words


>1000 words
$90/1000 words

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