In-Depth Editing

With regards to scientific papers, Big Bang Editing provides two editing models: standard polishing and in-depth editing. Standard paper polishing mainly focuses on correcting errors in language, including word use, expressions, grammar, and sentence structure. In-depth paper editing focuses on providing you with feedback and guidance on language, content, organization, logic, and writing style with detailed comments from the editors. To save you money we do not edit the references or author information unless you request it. Our interactive modification period, which is in effect for 90 days following the return of your paper, will help make your paper more refined and professional. 

In-depth editing


The paper is refined and strict control over the quality of the final product is achieved through our three-step editing procedure: (1) preliminary round of polishing, (2) quality control, (3) free modification service within 90 days.

  • Basic language editing: Spelling, word usage, punctuation.
  • Comprehensive grammar check: Detailed examination of grammatical errors, including errors in subject-verb agreement, tense, singular and plural forms, articles, nouns, subordinate clauses and expressions.
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure: Detailed check of word choice and improvement of inappropriate or ambiguous sentence structures.
  • Writing Style: Comments and improvements to the writing style to better fit an academic theme and improve the content flow.
  • Comments on Logic and Accuracy: The logic and consistency of the paper is checked, as is the clarity of each sentence. Comments are provided to help correct any sentences that may lead to misunderstanding or confusion in the reader or reviewer.
  • Advice on Structure and Flow: Based on their understanding of your overall content, the editors will check the organization of your paper and provide feedback where there are problems with the progression of your paper.
  • Bonus Round of Editing: Within 90 days after the first round of modification is completed, if you make revisions or changes to the paper (with the modified word count not exceeding 20% of that of the original draft), Big Bang Editing will recheck your document to make sure your revisions are error-free.

Quality assurance

In-depth editing- After the second round of in-depth polishing and modification is completed, if our modified draft (without any additional change in content) is rejected by your target journal with language problems, we will provide free modification services until it is successfully published.

Note: changes to the paper not involving original content, including additional content by the author and references are not considered part of the final draft subject to modification.

Service pricing

Our fees are based on the papers’ word count in the original draft submitted. The word count function in your Word processing software can be used to calculate the word count (references are not included in the word count, as we will not modify or format the references). After receiving the draft, we will immediately arrange for the appropriate editor to perform the editing service. Please see the FAQ page to find the expected turnaround time for this editing service.

In-depth editing  
$77/1000 words  

Most funding will let you use research grant funds to pay for editing services and other author services as long as you provide proof of purchase. When writing your next grant application, you might like to request dedicated funding for our services

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