Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the chosen time frame, the length of the manuscript, and the agreed-upon extent of editing.

Editing Turnaround
Words Normal Express
– 2500 72 hours 24 hours
2500 – 5000 6 days 48 hours
5000 – 7500 9 days 72 hours
7500 – 10000 12 days 4 days
10000 – 12500 15 days 5 days
12500 – 15000 18 days 6 days
15000 – 17500 21 days 7 days
17500 – Contact us

Edited documents are returned within the times indicated by this table. The turnaround time begins as soon as the customer pays the invoice for a submitted manuscript . Express orders are charged an additional 30% fee.

Please keep in mind the differences in time zones. Big Bang Editing is in the US Eastern Time zone and Western European Standard Time zone.  Time zones in Asia can be about 8-13 hours ahead of these time zones. is a useful website for converting the due date and time to your time zone.


Further projects received from an author within one calendar year from the most recent project will enjoy a continuing 10% discount from the standard rate.  This discount covers editing projects from members of a single lab or research group.

All information, including but not limited to authors’ contact information, scientific data, and document contents, regarding any materials submitted to this company for editing will be maintained in strict confidence and will not be divulged to any third party.

No materials will be duplicated except as reasonably necessary to perform editorial services for clients of Big Bang Editing.

No materials submitted for editing will be used for any other commercial purpose, including advertising or editing samples for prospective clients, unless with the corresponding author’s express written permission.

Journals require complete transparency about authorship and editorial assistance. Therefore, it would be ethical to include the following sentence: “Manuscript editor Big Bang Editing (Rochester, NY, USA) provided professional English-language editing of this article,” in the Acknowledgments section of your manuscript.

Manuscripts may be submitted by the Document Submission Form for review. Other arrangements such as direct email or DropBox can also be made for files that may be incompatible with the form.

Not at the moment.

However, Big Bang Editing can refer clients to respected companies that can translate scientific documents to and from several languages including Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Big Bang Editing accepts theses and dissertations for editing if they are forwarded with the knowledge of the senior author of the manuscript or the student’s supervisor.

University-specific format requirements are only addressed upon request.

A native-language speaker and writer has learned, spoken, and written a language since childhood as their mother tongue. A native language-editing expert has both experience with a language from early childhood and formal training in writing and editing in that language.


Authors should be aware that many editing services use editors with no formal training in science, English, or editing, and whose primary native language is not English.


Yes, absolutely; this is always the case at Big Bang Editing. But many companies use editors who are not trained at all in science or scientific writing.



Clients of Big Bang Editing expect to know who is editing their manuscript, and that the editor is qualified. If a project cannot be accepted for any reason, Big Bang Editing will only refer clients to other established, reputable companies that are known to the Managing Editor and that have dedicated, scientifically trained or subject-area native language editors capable of editing or translating scientific documents.

The Managing Editor is familiar with and subscribes to style standards including the 8th edition of the Council of Science Editors Scientific Style and Format Manual, the Chicago Manual of Style, the American Chemical Society Style Guide, the American Medical Association Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association Publication Manual. Journal-specific editing style is available with in-depth editing services for complete manuscripts.



There are editing services that claim or imply that they will submit your article to a journal on your behalf. Submitting a manuscript requires the submitter to make statements regarding academic integrity, so the vast majority of journals require a corresponding author to submit a manuscript and to correspond directly with the managing editor.


Please use caution before submitting your work to journals that permit third parties to submit the work of others for review, or before using editing services that claim to do so.


There are also editing services that imply that they can assist with the publication process, even though only publishers and reviewers’ control whether a manuscript is accepted for publication. Only pre-publication processes up to but not including submission are under the combined control of the author and the language editor.

No. We do not ghost write. We are editors rather than medical writers, we will not write any new material for you. However, we will edit your writing to make it flow smoothly and follow the conventions of your target journal.

Standard polishing focuses on improving the language, grammar and sentence structures in the paper so that it flows smoothly. It is recommended for users with prior experience in writing and submitting English papers for publication.


In-depth editing is recommended for users requiring extensive modification of their papers. Building upon standard polishing, in-depth editing offers an additional level of work on the overall organization, logic, and style of your paper. The editor will also provide constructive feedback on the content. This service also includes increased interaction with the editors. We strongly recommend that authors lacking experience in academic English writing select this service.


Even if we make a lot of changes to your writing, that does not mean that your writing is of poor quality. Native English speakers need editing assistance too. That is because excellent research skills and excellent writing skills seldom occur in the same person, regardless of the person’s native language. We are your advocate in the publishing process. By doing a thorough edit, we are doing our best to help you communicate your research to your English-speaking peers worldwide.

First, select the service that you are interested in and upload your document to our Document Submission Page.


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Once we receive your order, we will assess your document and send you a quote with a direct link to our secure payment page on our servers.


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After both sides reach a consensus and the user pays for the services, the paper will be immediately sent to the assigned editor.

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When the service is completed, the edited paper will be returned to you by email. Please make sure that you check your inbox (or spam folder) for your edited document after the specified time.

In general, payments are accepted via PayPal, credit card, Stripe, or bank transfer. Please email or contact us via the Contact page to discuss fee payment options for unconventional documents.

All fees are due and payable prior to the return of edited work.





Hiring anyone to edit your manuscript does not guarantee that your target journal will accept it for publication. But our editing does help your writing to be more polished, which does significantly increase the likelihood that it will be considered for peer review.

Journal editors base their decision about whether to publish an article on several things: the quality of the research, how well that research is documented and described, how important they believe the research to be, and whether such research has already been described in their journal or elsewhere. We cannot fix those things by editing your writing.

If we edit your manuscript and then you make more changes to it that you do not allow us to review, the journal’s editor-in-chief may think that you did not have your manuscript edited by an English-language editor. We are not responsible for such an outcome. It is your responsibility to give us a chance to review all changes that you make to the manuscript before submission.

Until we receive full payment for editing your manuscript, we retain copyright ownership of the work that we have done on the manuscript. This means that no journal can legally publish your article if you have not paid us for our editing. When we receive full payment from you, we no longer have any copyright claims on your article.

Upload your manuscript materials to our Document Submission form as Microsoft Word documents, along with your figures, so we can assess them and then provide a cost estimate. It is important for us to see the figures, so we can ensure that the figure legends properly describe them.

Tell us the name of the journal where you will submit your manuscript and if you would like in-depth editing.

Please note that the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word will be turned on in your edited manuscript file to make it easy for us to tell which edits and comments yours are and which are our edits and comments. This is to ensure that we can easily find your changes or comments to review them.

What is the difference between Big Bang Editing and your competitors?

Comparing Big Bang Editing to the popular ESL editing mills is the difference between fine dining at a reasonable price vs. fast food. Not only is our work high quality and our editors highly qualified, we also compensate our editors fairly while still offering competitive pricing for our customers.

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