5 reasons to choose big bang editing

About Us

Big Bang Editing is a professional editing company with full-time, qualified editors. Here, you will find a team of editors who care as much about your scientific writing and publications as you do. At heart, all scientists are story tellers. Being able to clearly and concisely tell your story, while difficult, is necessary. Our goal is to help you communicate your science.


Our Story

Early in her career as a manuscript editor, our founding editor gained a keen understanding of the problems international science students, professors, doctors and researchers have conveying their ideas in English. She has edited for Cell Press, Macmillan Publishing and Springer Nature, and helped numerous international scientists prepare their work for publication in US and UK journals as a freelancer. While working for these academic publishing companies, she noticed the work of international authors were not being properly assessed due to language problems, despite their academic excellence. As a result, Big Bang Editing was founded in December 2017. We understand what non-English speaking researchers need and have assembled an outstanding staff of technical editors with masters-level and  PhD-level expertise.

Our Editors

Our editing team is comprised purely of native English speakers who have a master’s degree and/or a doctoral degree in each field of specialization. They have been rigorously screened through thorough proofreading tests and interviews. They are also chosen for their academic background, their quality of their published writings, and most importantly, their integrity.

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